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>>> good morning. i'm chris jansing. >>> president obama this morning is under roux nuenewed attack f republicans even though he is facing a decision about enormous crisis in syria and hitting the road again right now to talk about the economy. let's start with the threats. republicans have spent the summer threatening a government shutdown when they go back to washington. 80 of the most conservative house republicans have sent a letter to speaker boehner urging him to defund obama care. which, in the process, could bring the wheels of government to a screeching halt. >> and then, finally, now what we have got is republicans talking about the idea that they would shut down the government, bad for the economy, bad for not just people who work for the government, but all of the contractors who -- and the defense folks and everybody who is impacted by the services that they receive from the federal government, we should shut that down because republicans after having taken 40 votes to try to get rid of obama care see this as their last gasp. >> now a few republicans are even going a st
off aid to egypt and 50% saying obama has not been tough enough to egyptian military. does that influence in the white house when it comes to a decision like this? >> i think this is something that is happening behind the scenes. they have been negotiating it with other countries for weeks. there's a real division in congress. you have some republican hawks saying that it aid needs to be cut off but a real division some republicans and democrats don't think that is the right course of action. frankly when you see other countries that are allies like saudi arabia coming forward and republican republicly for them. it's disconcerting of what you could do to force the changes you're looking for. >> when you look at that poll that we just showed, is the president ahead or behind this then? >> i don't think they will decide foreign aid and support the egyptian regime based on polling. presidential politics in the sense of a race. this is really them trying to, you know, kind of have some consistency in terms of their policies. >> you were saying what the aid was earmarked for and
underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. president obama will turn from hitting the links to hitting the road next week. the president who has golfed during both days of his vacation so far is going on a bus tour to promote his plan to encourage middle class yob creation and he'll be going to new york and pennsylvania. >>> michelle obama has recruited big name performers to her let's move campaign to fight childhood obesity. >>> officials voted monday to ban a clown who morked president obama at the missouri state fair over the weekend. the clown had worn a mask of the president and encouraged a bull to run him down. >>> sometimes you can't always go home again. disgraced san diego mayor bob filner, accused of sexually harassing 17 women have completed behavioral therapy but may not be able to get back in his office. apparently, someone had the locks changed! a spokesman for the city's attorney office told politico the office does not order the locks changed but they are away it happened. >>> if you read only one thing this morning my thanks to "vanity fair" to find the be
at the lincoln memorial as we look at that live right now. president obama will be joined by former presidents clinton and carter and celebrity rights and leaders as well. 50 years after one of the greatest speeches in political history, the president is expected to touch on the very same themes of justice and equality and opportunity. he will praise how far we have come but acknowledge how far we have left to go. perhaps he'll take a page from dr. king's book and transform words we have heard so many times into something unforgettable. "my country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee i sing. land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring." >> let freedom ring. the theme for today's event as the president prepares for this speech, he'll also be juggling everything else that is going on around the world. topping that list is syria. it appears the u.s. is moving closer to a military strike on syria. this morning, british prime minister david cameron said britain will offer a resolution at the u.n. security council condemning the chem wa
in iraq a long period of time and unlike the situation how president obama handled it in iraq -- i mean in libya. >> congressman, you've been back and forth from d.c. as we look at the 50th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech and switch gears to that right now. the president is going to be having a meet at the white house with some of the faith leaders. you're going to head back down later this week for the actual date of the anniversary. i want to play this little bit. here is what john lewis said. >> can the past 50 years, we have witnessed what i like to call a nonviolent revolution in america. a revolution of values, the revolution of ideas. and our country is a better country. we have a lot of work to do. the dream is not yet fulfilled. >> that 16-minute speech laid out a dream. how do you think dr. king would discuss the dream today? >> that we have made a lot of progress. no question about that. that we have come a long way. you look at fact only five measures of the congressional black caucus and 23 now. we cannot sit back and rest. we have to move forward with economics.
-by-side. you watching this for us. let me ask you about a major change coming from the obama administration on the way that drug offenders will be prosecuted. three hours attorney general eric holder announcing a brand-new justice department policy essentially a by -by-pasd shows the way drug charges are written up resulting in reduced sentences. the judge is said to ease overcrowding at federal prisons and save money and treat low level offenders more fairly according to what we are hearing right now. what are you seeing and what does this mean? >> i think what the attorney general is saying that will be the result of this change. but he says that the reason for it, i guess partly a recognition of those factors but he is always saying mandatory minimums were unfair and require a certain number of years no matter what a person's role in a drug crime may have been. if they are not connected to a gang or a drug cartel or organized crime, they should not face the same sentence that more serious offenders do. it's part of an overall effort to refocus the federal government's efforts in crime an
, well, here is "the washington post," obama weighs limited military strike on syria. "usa today," u.s. moves closer to military action. politico, syria poses first big test for second term. i want to bring in nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. what are you learning? >> reporter: u.s. military officials and other u.s. officials stress while the president officially hasn't given the order yet to launch any kind of military strikes against syria, the possibility for those strikes to begin opens up that -- that window opens up as early as thursday and could extend into the weekend, into early next week. . i can tell you that u.s. officials are say if the u.s. decides to launch military strikes against syria, those strikes, which would come from four guided missile destroyers in the mediterranean launching cruise missiles at designated specific limit targets there in syria could go on for three days because after the first wave, they have to take a look, see, battle damage assessment and figure awe ow what they have may have missed and go back to strike. i can tell you off
and on the side of president barack obama who have used these kind of organizations. so what we have said is if you want to engage in that kind of political activity, the law has a clear way to do it. there is another section, 527 of the law, irs code. you can spend as much money as you want since the supreme court decision and citizens united but here is the key. it's required that you disclose, that you tell the public that the public know who is funneling millions of dollars into these political campaigns. and i think everybody agrees, at least most people agree, that the health of our democracy depends on the public having that kind of information. you should not have millions, in fact, hundreds of millions of dollars of secret money flowing into political campaigns. >> congressman advice vchris va, good to see you. >> you too. >> any chance that daryl issa that progressive groups are listed along tea party groups for reviews? his group told the "national journal." how much have tried to target the investigation over? >> well, chris i would never want to bet a him being deterred from
something in life. >> well, it's not just school safety and gun legislation. the obama administration today saying it's deeply concerned about chemical weapon attacks in syria. now the pictures we're about to show you are very disturbing. they show what could be the worst chemical weapons attack since the late 1980s. hundreds of civilians were reported dead and now 35 nations are calling for a u.n. investigation. yes, many of those who were killed were just babies. all of this renewing calls for president obama to do more. i want to bring in the national journalist chris fraigts. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have the president kicking off this two-day bus tour. he wants to focus on college affordability, but there's so much going on. you do have to wonder if anybody's going to hear that message. >> well, that's right, chris. and the president is desperately trying to get his mojo back with his agenda here. as you point out, in the last month, the events that have unfolded have been completely out of control. whether it's chemical weapons in syria, whether it's a situation in egypt.
. the dnc and the president's grassroots organization obama for america. sean spicer is the communications director for the rnc. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> dnc spokesman says an odd way to start your meeting by attacking them. he says your only message is they don't like us. what do you that i so them? >> i think we are talking about this week is a fundamental shift we had in our party after the last election when we looked at the tactics and techniques it takes to win and put a permanent ground game in place around the country of more staffers now that will live and breathe in each of the states making relationships building connections and helping our candidates and second is making our party completely centered on digital and technology advances that benefit the entire party. the difference, chris, is this. what we are doing is a fundamental shift for a party. we are building a party send tri sent rick change here. what ofa did was built a fantastic operation that was great for one candidate who is sort of like one use only. and it has done so at the expense of the cdn. t
in 19 places. expect terror and foreign policy to be hot topics this afternoon as president obama holds his first news conference in more than three months. besides the consulate shut down, the state department is warning americans against nonessential travel to pakistan all as the u.s. steps up its terror drone strikes in yemen. al qaeda terrorists were killed in three drone strikes yesterday. less than two weeks 34 members of al qaeda have been taken out by drones. we should hear more before bthat from the president this afternoon as well. a chance for him to answer critics like former secretary of state condy rice. >> when you say al qaeda is on the run, al qaeda is -- they are not. al qaeda has morphed into something different. we have to have the staying power both psychologically and in actuality to continue to be vigilant so that we don't experience another major attack. >> for more on what is facing the president when he meets the president today let's bring in susan page and jonathan allen. good morning. >> good morning. >> jonathan, help me out here. you wrote six questions th
on civilians. last night, the obama national security team shared intelligence with top members of congress in a 90-minute teleconference. it was enough to convince minority leader nancy pelosi that the u.s. should strike. in a rare interview, former president bush talked about the enormity of the situation. take a listen. >> the president has to make a tough decision. putting our military into harm's way is the toughest decision a president will make. >> let's bring in daphne and jack jacobs retired army colonel and reporter m.j. lee. with the development from the uk, the no vote, how might that change the ability for the president to garner support here in the united states? >> i think, you know, it means quite a bit. i wonder why the united states couldn't have put forth the intelligence they planned to put forth today to the public before the british parliament had voted. maybe that would have made a difference. i think for the president, you know, he wants to go in, if he does, with the greatest amount of support and to have to show that your key ally, your strongest ally, yo
think yemen is a real challenge for the obama administration. they have tried to use drone strikes there. they have tried training and it has not worked well. i think they might need to reassess what they are doing in yemen. >> ambassador, it's not just interviewee closings but a worldwide travel lert for americans. i was surprised when i saw a poll is warning nations about prison breaks in iraq, pakistan and libya. >> i think it's an indication of the fact that after almost 12 years of fighting, the ideology of al qaeda, that we have really not succeeded in breaking the back and, indeed, the ideology seems to be getting root again and to me the most dangerous thing. the fact we see influence support in the arab world has dropped is an indication this is how al qaeda manages to latch on to that unhappiness and dissatisfaction. so we have to get back to basics and start thinking about going back to where we were after 9/11 to rebuild our diplomacy effort again. >> on top of mind is the attack on the consulate in libya that killed ambassador chris stevens last year on september 11th. is pa
if we chose to be. mr. obama has targeted a lot of places where regulation needs to be improved but he has done it in very expensive ways and ways that create other distortions. the large banks, for example, have consolidated and monopolized markets in smaller cities and so forth and businesses aren't getting the loans they need. i could go on but that is the general theme. >> peter didn't mention these, jim, but also some upcoming debates in washington that get a lot of attention. the debt ceiling and sequester. how do they fit in? >> it would be a disaster to let the country default on its debts right now. i think almost all economists agree on that and not what this economy could handle right now. it also would be a better thing if we did not have as much physical drag going on. clearly we are losing some employment, although not as much as initially feared because of government cutbacks and something the fed chairman ben bernanke has said a lot that the fiscal consolidations of the federal government right now are holding back the economy a little bit. >> all right. jim tankersley
and russia may be heading for the deep freeze. president obama has officially canceled his one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin. the president will attend the g-20 meeting in st. petersburg in september. here is what the president said about the relationship are russia last night before this news broke. >> so there is still a lot of business that we can do with them, but there have been times where they slip back in the cold war thinking and a cold war mentality and what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that's the past and, you know, we have got to think about the future. >> i want to bring in "the new york times" politics reporter jeremy peterer answer loy business mono. let me read the white house statement just came out. quote. jeremy, we had signals this was coming obviously. but as diplomatic punishments go, what is the white house hoping to accomplish with this? >> well, i think they are being very careful, right? because one thing that you are hearing with kind of increasing fervor from capitol hill the white house should go each further
this morning? >> well, i think you will here president obama continue to condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms, sort of reiterating what secretary of state john kerry came out and said yesterday. i don't expect that he will announce a major shift in u.s. policy, chris, however, i wouldn't rule out that we will hear slightly new rhetoric today and possibly some new steps that the administration plans to take. we know that the administration has been reviewing the $1.3 billion in military aid that you just mentioned. we also know that they are considering delaying a military exercise called the bright star military exercise. this is a biannual event which includes the united states and other countries, involves thousands of air and ground forces from the u.s. it's set to take place next month. so this would be a strong symbol of u.s. opposition to the violence, and the ongoing unrest in egypt if the united states were to delay this event. those are some of the things that the u.s. has been considering. so far the only real step the administration has taken is postpone sending thre
of time in washington talking about what will obama do about syria and egypt and how can we convince putin to do something different? he doesn't have a magic wand. america has influence in the world right now. there are probably some things we can do. one thing indirect diplomacy to work with the countries to prop egypt up including the united arab emirates and convince them to lean on the military regime in egypt. america can also lead kind of global economic leverage. for instance the way the international monetary fund thinks about whether it's going to -- to give egypt loans to try to get its economy back on its feet. that is kind of the way you get out of a total disaster here is if they are able to stabilize the economy. one last quick point. i'm so glad you mentioned bobby's piece for "time." not a shameless plug. the larger argument he makes egypt doesn't matter as much as it used to and it's a provocative idea we are wringing our hands but a country politically and militarily so much weaker than it was a generation ago and possible we are thinking about it with somewhat dated thou
mayer. >>> a provocative question the day after president obama gave the keynote speech marking the 50th anniversary of martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech. >> have the conservatives judged this man by the content of his character? >> absolutely not. most of the political have an union pinning of race. >> president obama downplayed the assertion that race was behind the republican gridlock. >> i was on the stage with president clinton, and i remember him having a pretty hard time with republicans as well. there does seems to be sometimes just democratic presidents generally being -- efforts being made to gee legitimize them. >> let's bring in joe watkins and democratic strategist and former edwards campaign spokesman chris skofinas. what do you think of that? >> it's one of those things where you don't want to believe it. obviously you have a lot of republican -- i don't by any means believe they are racist, so it's something that you don't want to believe, but when you step back and i think this is where the american public, and in particular i would say the african-american co
, thousands more wounded. in response president obama canceled joined military exercises with the egyptians but stopped short of canceling the $1.3 billion in aid. >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt our traditional cooperation could not continue as usually when vif silveians are killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back toipt bring in "the washington post" karen and steve. steve, first i want to talk about what is happening right now. thousands marching in the street. we just got those unconfirmed reports of 25 people dead. the statement they put out was that their revolution is peaceful but what is your take on this? is egypt on the brink of a civil war? >> that is a matter he debate out there. there are various egypt experts saying no, i've talked to a number muslim brotherhood members last night and the previous night and the rage and anger and frustration is palpable and so dramatic what they are experiencing that it's very hard for me not to see that this is not taking us into conditions that could lead to a very deep civil war that is driven by a lot
't know. >> president obama said on the election they are on the run. lindsey graham says they are stronger than ever. michael chernoff said al qaeda is more dangerous than ever. what is your take? >> probably a great deal of truth to all of it. we have done a phenomenal job particularly the cia with the support of the department of defense both in the sanctuary areas of pakistan and yemen and other areas and targeting their leadership, their bombmakers and understanding the plots. having said that, you know, it seems to me the danger is it will continue. it's most sensitive when it's aimed at vulnerable targets not at the u.s. armed forces but, instead, our embassies, our tourists. so it's a continuing problem. one thing, chris, deserves to be said, though. the wagging tongues in the u.s. government that talk about the intercepts that we are listening to are simply appalling to me. these close down intelligence sources may not be recreated for another year. too bad we can't keep secrets. >> is part of the problem the government is walking a fine line? you know, general, i
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)